Welcome to the Australian webpage for Blue Laced Gold Wyandottes. Our main purpose is to promote this very rare variety of Wyandotte for both the Backyarder and the breeder. This site is designed to give beginners information regarding the Wyandotte breed, the Blue Laced Gold variety in particular, and to put you in touch with breeders of these magnificant chooks. It is also a place where breeders can discuss aspect of breeding this beautiful yet challenging variety, and to work together to promote this breed at shows around the country.

The Wyandotte Breed
The Wyandotte is a docile dual purpose breed of chicken originating in the United States and is renowned for its round curvy body, its good size and healthy vigour. The Wyandotte is a breed that suits both free range and confinement in a run and is kept for both eggs and meat. They appear in a wide variety of color patterns, and are popular show birds. Popular pronunciation is “Y-n-dot” or “WINE-dot”.

Blue Laced Gold
Blue Laced Gold is one of the rarest colours of the Wyandotte in Australia. The lacing (which is the edge of the feather) is a beautiful blue colour, contrasted against the rich gold-bay of the feather proper. Due to the nature of the Blue colour, offspring from this variety have 3 different lacing colours, being blue, black, and a splashed white (called Splash), which makes for a wonderful flock of beautifully coloured chooks.